Speciality Teas and Coffees

We combine an ideal meeting place with a perfect selection of hot drinks.

the Morecambe Hotel is a stone's throw from Morecambe's popular Promenade so we are in an ideal location to rest, meet friends and chat.

Our hot beverages are supplied by Atkinsons of Lancaster - our local specialist coffee roasting house and tea blender.


Our Baristas are expertly trained by Atkinsons to make their drinks perfectly. By using only roasted coffee beans which are freshly ground to order we ensure delivery of rich coffee flavour and roasted aroma.

Once carefully prepared we can serve in the style of your choosing: Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, Cortado, Americano or Espresso. All have two shots of expressed coffee for excellent strength of flavour.


Double shots of full bodied espresso have steamed milk over them and a foam top.

Flat White

Whole milk is steamed to produce micro-foam which is then poured and swirled over two shots of espresso to create a beautiful, hand crafted coffee.


​Double espresso cut with a small amount of warm milk.


We create the classic Amaricano using two fresh shots of strong, full bodied espresso, and then add boiling water. This gives you more delicious sips per cup.


For an intensely rich flavour experience, two full shots of espresso will give you that coffee hit.

Did you know that Atkinsons' of Lancaster have been specialist coffee roasters and tea blenders since 1837, not long after the Morecambe hotel was built. You can savor one of their twenty flavors with us.


Atkinsons specialty teas and blends are sourced from exotic tea growing locations from around globe. Each is selected for depth of flavour, strength and subtlety.

To enjoy one of their delicious blends - with over 30 infusions to choose from including: Earl Grey, Pure Assam, Dragonwell, Almond, Rose Petal, Orange Sencha, Hedgerow Tisane and Peppermint. We have a menu at the bar that describes the tea and you can ask our trained barista to recommend one if you like. The menu also includes a house tea.

Served in a piping hot in a teapot, with extra hot water and separate milk you'll also find a sweet treat on the side. What could be nicer than a perfect cuppa.

Hot Chocolate and Chai Tea

For a sweet treat, try indulging in a milky and beautifully decorated Hot Chocolate or a delicious warming spiced chai latte.

Enjoy Anywhere

Enjoy our specialty teas and coffees on the premises at the bar, in the snug, the garden or take them out with you to sip on the Promenade as you look out on Morecambe Bay.

Did you know take away hot drinks are available from 8.30am.